Everything to Know About the Denture Process

The process of getting dentures typically involves several steps and requires multiple visits to the dentist. That is what this informative video highlights.

Initially, during the consultation, the dentist examines your oral health, discusses your needs, and explains the denture options suitable for you. X-rays, impressions, and measurements of your mouth are taken to create custom dentures that fit comfortably and function effectively.

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If extractions are necessary due to damaged or decayed teeth, those are often performed before denture creation. In some cases, immediate dentures may be provided right after tooth extraction. This is also when the custom dentures will be made for you.

Once the dentures are finalized, adjustments may be made to ensure a proper fit and bite alignment. The dentist provides instructions on how to care for and clean the dentures to maintain oral hygiene.

Follow-up appointments might be necessary to address any discomfort or to make further adjustments for optimal comfort and functionality. Over time, as your gums and mouth structure change, periodic adjustments or relining of the dentures might be required to maintain a proper fit.

The process of getting dentures involves collaboration between you and your dentist to ensure that the final set of dentures fits well, functions properly, and restores your smile and ability to chew comfortably.

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