What Training Do Orthodontists Have?

If you’re looking for a career in the dental field, you may have considered being an orthodontist. In their YouTube video, “So You Want to Be an Orthodontist?”, the Med School Insiders provide a description of what orthodontists do. The video gives a complete explanation of the role orthodontists play in dental health.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

According to the video, orthodontists are responsible for helping their clients achieve optimal occlusion. Occlusion refers to the teeth and jaws, and how they fit together.

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This trio of factors is essential in preventing pain, lost teeth, and chewing problems. In addition to braces, orthodontists may use aligners, palate extenders, or dental headgear.

Most orthodontists work in private practice, or in an office with other orthodontists. Dentists who want to provide dental health to the poor work in community dental clinics. According to the video, patients aged seven through seventy plus may benefit from braces if they have misalignment of their teeth or jaws.

How Can Someone Become an Orthodontist?

To be an orthodontist, someone would begin with four years of college and four of dental school. After that, they need an orthodontic residency for 2 – 3 years. If a student knows they want to be an orthodontist, they can enroll in a program that combines college, dental school, and residency in 6 – 7 years.


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